Name:  Marie (aka: Bloody Marie)

Where are you originally from? Born and Raised in San Diego

How long have you worked for Aero Club? Since February 2015

What shifts do you usually work? Monday – early shift

What’s the Best Part of Your Job? There are no kids allowed here.

Favorite cocktail? A Paloma

Favorite Beer?  Alpine’s Nelson IPA

Favorite whiskey? Cyrus Noble

Favorite spirit? Tequila

When you are off, where do you like to hang out? Running, Cycling and Drinking — The Marie Triathalon

Do you have any tattoos? What is it and what’s the story?  Yes! On the inter bicep, a diamond framed succulent.  On my leg, a pinup girl.  On my waist, a sugarskull.

New at Aero Club: The BenRiach Scotch Whisky

We are proud to carry The BenRiach Single Malt Scotch Whisky.  Since 1898, The BenRiach has been distilling some of the finest whisky in “ ’Heart of Speyside’, between the village of Rothes and the town of Elgin, in the North-East of Scotland.”

What makes BenRiach stand apart from the “other Spey Valley distilleries, the traditional floor maltings with their distinctive pagoda style chimneys can produce peated, malted barley, enabling the distillery to capture the defining taste of peat reek in a few of their special bottlings.”


Currently (as of 6/24/14), we have these BenRiach whiskys in stock.

  • Single Malt Limited Release 2000 (bottle 558 of 619) “Oloruso Sherry Finish”
  • Single Malt Aged 12 Years
  • Single Malt Aged 12 Years, “Horizons”, triple distilled
  • Single Malt Aged 16 Years
  • Single Malt Aged 17 Years “Solstice”, heavily peated Port Finish
  • Single Malt Aged 25 Years “Authentics”, peated
  • Single Malt Aged 17 Years “Septendecim” peated

We are also planning an upcoming The BenRiach tasting at Aero Club.   Contact us at the bar for further details

Saturday Night Feeding Frenzy, Part Deux

Thank you to everyone who came out last week for the Cheesy Amigos.

This Saturday, March 22nd, we will be having the boys from Mastiff Sausage Company coming out for the Second Installment of the Saturday Night Feeding Frenzy.  They will be here from 10:00pm – 1:00am on Saturday night for your dining pleasure.


Click on this link MSC.Menu.New#3 to see what they’re cooking up for you.  And don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

Save your appetite and bring your friends.

We have a few other trucks and mobile restaurants lined up and we will announce dates and times soon.

“The Aero Club Saturday Night Feeding Frenzy”

Starting on March 15th, we are launching “The Aero Club Saturday Night Feeding Frenzy”.  The spirit behind this idea is to encourage our patrons to come eat and party through the night or to sober up with some delicious food from a small local business.  It also helps the bar and the food truck gain exposure to potentially new customers and fans.
We have contacted several of the most popular foodtrucks and mobile food vendors to come to Aero on Saturday nights.  The response has been so positive that we already have three vendors on tap. So figure out a Saturday to come hang out with us.  We will also be posting a calendar with the schedule on our Facebook Page and on Twitter in the future.  If you’re old school, we will have some fliers at the bar and some hanging in the bathrooms.
Save these dates!
MARCH 15, 2014 – 10:00pm – 1:00am
The Cheesy Amigos will be bringing their Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cart to Aero Club!  The cart will be located in our neighbors (DYNO) gated area — and you can eat it out there al fresco or inside the bar.
Here is a list of the delicious sandwiches they will be serving at Aero Club:
•Tri tip grilled cheese: Bourbon molasses marinated tri tip beef minced and melted between a sharp cheddar and a white aged cheddar infused with toasted onion and herbs
•Lobster grilled cheese: Cheddar and enchilado cheeses melted over langostino lobster tails with a smoky chipotle sauce
•Caprese: A grilled panini made with mozzarella, tomato, and spinach lightly marinated in Italian vinaigrette
•Spicy Mac: Cheddar Mac & Cheese with applewood smoked bacon strips and an extra slice of spicy 3 pepper cheddar melted on top
Let’s support these trucks that are coming out for these “Saturday Night Feeding Frenzy” events.  Spread the word to your friends, and let’s make a night of it!  Come for a late night snack and a cocktail.  Take something on the way out for a snack when you get home. Better yet, get a bunch of sandwiches and share with your friends inside the Aero.  We are committed to inviting these trucks to the bar, if you guys wanna support that.  Also, if you know of any food trucks that you think would wanna set up, please tell them to contact us on our Facebook.
And if you don’t already, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more info on the Saturday Night Feeding Frenzy, whiskey tastings, special events or to keep up with us in general.
NEXT TRUCK: March 22, 2014 – Mastiff Sausage Company.


COMING IN APRIL: Coop’s BBQ — the best BBQ joint in California!

Aero Cocktails

Here are some of our cocktails at Aero.

You can check our menu for a complete list:

Or you can be at the mercy of the bartender and let us make you a drink using your favorite spirit and ingredients.



photo 1


photo 2


photo 3


photo 4


photo 5

The Health Benefits of Whiskey

Like our bartender, Brandon, said when he saw this article – “I knew it!”:

For example: IMG_1015
“Health Benefits of Whiskey – Prevents Cancer

Whiskey is a wonder drink for cancer patients. It is high in anti-oxidants that helps in restricting the growth of cancer cells. Whiskey contains ellagic acid which is a natural phenol anti-oxidant. It has antiproliferative property which helps in prohibiting the DNA to get in contact with certain cancer causing compounds like nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. It also has a chemo protective effect in cellular models as it helps in reducing the oxidation process in the body.”



Name:  Bill, The Owner

Where are you originally from? Bayridge, Brooklyn NYC – Although I couldn’t afford to live there now

How long have you owned Aero Club? 2004, is when I bought it.

What shifts do you usually work? I am usually here every day, from open to whenever.

What’s the Best Part of Your Job? The people that come through here

Favorite cocktail? I don’t drink cocktails.

Favorite Beer?  Allagash White

Favorite whiskey? Elijah Craig, 20 year Single Barrel

Favorite spirit? Whiskey, of course.

When you are off, where do you like to hang out? I’m very boring

Do you have any tattoos? What is it and what’s the story? NOPE.