Name: Chad, the Bar Manager

Where are you originally from? Southwest PA

How long have you worked for Aero Club? 8 years

What shifts do you usually work? Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays – 7pm to Close

What’s the Best Part of Your Job? Working at a place that I’m passionate about

Favorite cocktail? Anything that’s shaken or muddled

Favorite Beer? The four rotating taps

Favorite whiskey? Generally, the Wheated Bourbons

Favorite spirit? Whiskey, for sure. But Gin is a close second.

When you are off, where do you like to hang out? Finishing a whiskey guide book. Hanging out with my fiancé Laura. We’re expecting a baby!

Do you have any tattoos? What is it and what’s the story? Yeah…
Traveling has been a great influence and my tattoos reflect my life experiences.