Name:  Barbara

Where are you originally from? Upstate New York

How long have you worked for Aero Club? Eight Years

What shifts do you usually work? Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays – Early shift

What’s the Best Part of Your Job? Meeting cool people that I get to hang out with for a few hours . And talking smack with them. I get to be myself here since it isn’t a corporate environment

Favorite cocktail? Tramp Cocktail – Bourbon, Amaretto, Muddled Lemon, Splash of 7

Favorite Beer?  Racer 5

Favorite whiskey?  Laphroaig 10 – nice smoky and peaty

Favorite spirit? Whiskey

When you are off, where do you like to hang out? Go hiking and camping.

Do you have any tattoos? NONE!